This entry is up to date as of September 1st, 2017. If this location is permanently closed please contact the blog to update the entry.

Remicone has two locations that I am aware of. One is in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea and the other is in Junggu, Seoul, South Korea. The location I visited is in Junggu. It is on the basement floor of a large mall. It is open Monday – Sunday 11:00 – 22:00.

They sell a variety of ice cream cups, pastries, and coffees. It has a cute, 60’s diner retro feeling to it. I got the “Thunder Bomb” which came with milk soft-serve ice cream and a minty-flavored cotton candy “cloud” on top. One of their other popular items is the “Hawaiian Beach” ice cream. Other ice creams on their menu include flavors such as honey, chocolate, caramel, mango, hazelnut, macaron and more. I paid ₩6,100 for my ice cream.


Photo credit to images borrowed from Instagram users: @lisalkk1969, @leejoo8ung and Twitter users @aumjumma and @seoulstorys

If you are interested in more information you can look on their Facebook page. They are located here in Junggu and Gangnam. For ease of finding more information on this location, here is the name already in Korean for you: 레미콘

Happy eating & with love,

Sydney T

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