Cafe Majo and Sady

This entry is up to date as of September 1st, 2017. If this location is permanently closed please contact the blog to update the entry.

Cafe Majo and Sady is located in Dongdaemun, Seoul, South Korea. This cafe is themed after webtoon characters (Majo and Sady) who are stickers that can be bought in the KakaoTalk store. It is open Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 23:00.

Basically everything in this store is themed to Majo and Sady. They serve coffee, desserts and specialty drinks. I believe I also saw an option for an all-day breakfast menu, with Majo and Sady shaped pancakes. I got an Oreo flavored milkshake with cotton candy on top. They also have a small section of the cafe dedicated to Majo and Sady themed souvenirs. In total I paid ₩6,800 for my Oreo flavored milkshake.


Photo credit to images borrowed from Instagram users: @

If you are interested in more information you can look on their website page. They are located here in Dongdaemun. For ease of finding more information on this location, here is the name already in Korean for you: 카페마조앤새디

Happy eating & with love,

Sydney T

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