This entry is up to date as of August 17th, 2017. If this location is permanently closed please contact the blog to update the entry.

The Dala is located in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea serving up ice cream in cones and cups. It has a very small facade so if you are walking and not looking for it, it is possible to miss it. It is open Monday – Friday 11:30 – 23:00 and Saturday – Sunday 12:30 – 00:30 (24:30).

The ice cream I got is called the Soft Caron. It was very good and very sweet. For a hot day, like the one I experienced, I’d recommend sitting to enjoy your ice cream and not walking around. The ice cream melts relatively quickly and when it loses its grip, it’ll also lose the macarons.  It costs only ₩4,500 and is located not too far from Haitairo; they are possibly within 100 yards of each other.

Photo credit to images borrowed from Instagram users: @jangsua5011, @lcm.travelicious, @foreverngan, and @subinis1004

Please visit their website for more information about their locations and their menu. The location I went to is not updated on Google Maps, but I tried my best to pin it here. For ease of finding their information in Korean this is the name of the restaurant already in Korean: 더달아연남점

Happy eating & with love,

Sydney T

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